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Welcome to Lizy’s Recipe Box

Hey, y’all! My name is Lizy and I cook good food! I also sometimes read books and aggressively gush about them. But mostly (as of 2023, anyway) this is where I store recipes. Enjoy 🙂

Latest from the Blog

Is Gardens of the Moon the Perfect ADHD Read?

Howdy friends, and welcome back to the Racoon Awards, a blog I haven’t used in almost two years because life is very long. I’m back with a hot take slash review today that’s based on my experience as an individual with ADHD. Disclaimer, I am not in any way a psychology expert nor am I…

It was 28 days of TorDotCom: February’s Reading Wrap-Up

HEY, Y’ALL! Welcome to another episode of the Raccoon Awards, a place where I, your professional book nerd, throw books at you like it’s a dodgeball game. Usually I post reviews, but I am trying to do monthly reading recaps to cover anything that might have fallen through the cracks. This month was kind of…

Space is Gay. Also, There’s Bears: Reading WINTER’S ORBIT

The Chit Chat: hey, y’all! Welcome back to another episode of the Raccoon Awards, where I wrangle grizzly bears into submission and ride them through towns on alien planets yelling YOU SHOULD THIS READ THIS! Today, you should read WINTER’S ORBIT. Let’s taco bout it. The Synopsis: In a sentence, WINTER’S ORBIT is about these…

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