An Important Announcement and A Look at 2021

Hey, y’all! Welcome to another episode of the Raccoon Awards, the blog where I take a rocket to a space station and broadcast my love for books to everyone on Earth lmao. Today we are taking a break from the usual book or series reviews to go over what you can expect from The Raccoon Awards in 2021.

First, though, I have an important announcement. A few months back, I wrote a review for a book I’m incredibly excited about: This Book Gets Vikings Right: Reading The Witch’s Heart. I am now pleased to announce that the bookstore I work at, Copperfish Books, has teamed up with Ace to offer a really cool preorder campaign where the first 40 people to preorder their copy from us receive a handwoven bookmark made by me, your favorite Viking bookseller. Getting to pair up my love for books and my love for Vikings is really a dream come true. If you are interested in making sure you get one of these nifty bookmarks, click here! This promo does end on January 29th at end of day and they’re going fast as it is, so I recommend making your purchase sooner rather than later. As an additional head’s up, we do sell our hardcovers for 20% off, so even if we run out of bookmarks, please consider buying from us anyway! I’d really appreciate it.

Now, let’s look forward to 2021. Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you have some great reading goals and TBRs you plan to tackle. There are great books coming out in 2021, and I’m so excited about it.

Here’s what you can expect from The Raccoon Awards this year:

-More Backlist: One of my New Year’s Resolutions (and I take these things VERY SERIOUSLY) is to look at one book I already own per week. I may not finish/review every book in this category, but since 98% of the books I read last year were ARCs (while panic-bought backlist overflowed from my shelves crying “please read me”), there’s a very high likelihood more backlist will actually make it into reviews.

-More Immediate Releases: Something I’d like to do long-term is only read ARCs that meet the IndieNext deadline, which is ~3 months out. However, I haven’t gotten caught up in my TBR yet and skipping ahead causes messes. I’m going to return to reading my ARCs in chronological order, so it’s more likely that, instead of seeing reviews for books that come out in more than 3 months, it’ll be titles coming out in the next 6 weeks (at least until I’m caught up. Theoretically. But I may never catch up, that’s the first rule of TBRs lol).

-One to Two IndieNext Titles a Month: That said, I, like most booksellers, strive for the vainglory of being in an Indienext review. There will be one title from my e-galleys and one title from my physical galleys in that 3 month range which get bumped up early every month for me to nominate by my happy IndieNext deadline. If you follow this blog to see what’s upcoming and wonderful, there will still be content for you.

-An Occasional Far-Distance Release: there are some upcoming books not yet in ARC form that I, if one landed in my hands, would unapologetically drop everything to read. I also already have a couple ARCs that aren’t out until Fall 2021 that I may slip in early simply because they sound so good. So there may still be an occasional scream-fest about a super far-flung release date title, it just probably won’t be a driving focus of reviews.

-The Sporadic Frequency of Reviews will Probably Remain, tho. Last year, basically from the start of the pandemic and up through December, I had this amazing schedule where I had 3 days off in a row either every week or 3/4 weeks per month. The shifts have changed and that is no longer the case. I also wasn’t crafting for most of that time, but I am obviously weaving a ton of bookmarks now, plus I have other crafty things planned. I also chose to take a break from daily writing in the fall-winter of 2020, but I am back to daily writing in 2021. All of these things eat into my reading time. Reviews will pop up here as I feel inspired, but it’s incredibly unlikely that there will be any regularity to it. My reviews have never been on a certain day or with a certain spacing between them, though, but to be clear I’m not currently focused on “fixing” that.

So, yeah! That’s where I’m at. If anyone’s curious, I am currently about two chapters into We Could Be Heroes by Mike Chen and loving it a lot. We’re going to have corned beef, cabbage, and roasted potatoes for dinner, pretty happy about that. And, yeah. 2021 is off to a good start! Have a good one, y’all, and thanks for reading!

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