Welcome to the Raccoon Awards Blog!

Hey, y’all! My name is Lizy and I am an independent bookseller with way too many opinions about books, specifically in the science fiction & fantasy genres. I’ve created this blog as a general dumping ground for me to squee, scream, and over-analyze books, and to hand out starred reviews of my own design to all authors I think deserve them. Some of my favorite books are the A CHORUS OF DRAGONS series by Jenn Lyons, RING SHOUT by P Djeli Clark, and TO SLEEP IN A SEA OF STARS by Christopher Paolini. When I’m not reading or handselling titles, I am also a hearth-focused Viking reenactor (ie, crafting side of Viking Age Norse cultures). I weave, spin & dye yarn, homebrew, and make my own cheese. I also know my way around a sewing machine. So yeah. Thanks for stopping in and hope you enjoy!

If you like my recommends & want to support a small business, might I suggest buying from my local bookstore or from bookshop.org ?

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